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It’s All Just A Game To Them

| Working | June 9, 2014

(I am looking at buying a particularly rare game that has gone on sale on a well-known gaming store’s website. I call up the closest store to inquire about it. Being in my early teens, I am a bit nervous to call.)

Me: “Hi? I was wondering if you had, uhm… [Game] in store? A copy, I mean? I was just looking at the, uh, website sale and—”

Employee #1: “That game’s real popular. Yeah, we’ve only got one copy in the store. Would you like us to hold it?”

Me: “O-Oh. Yes, please! My name is [My Name] and I’ll be there in about half an hou—”

(They hung up in a rush, but it didn’t bother me at the time. My mother and I arrive 25 minutes later, correct change in hand. We’re the only customers in the store.)

Me: “Hello! I called a little under a half an hour ago to reserve the last copy of [Game] here. I’m [My Name], ready to pay and pick it up!”

Employee #2: “[Game]? We gave that to [Employee #1] since he wanted it.”

Me: “Wait, what? But I reserved that copy over th—”

Employee #2: *rolling his eyes* “He also left work about 20 minutes ago. Was there anything else you wanted?”

(Visibly distraught as I’d never dealt with a rude cashier before, my mother decides to interject. Her tone is calm, and she tries to be as polite as possible throughout.)

Mum: “May I ask you something? What’s your policy on reservations?”

Employee #2: *matter-of-factly* “The customer can ask to reserve a game we have for a day, and nobody else can purchase that copy. If the customer doesn’t come in on the day they specified, the game is no longer reserved under their name and may be sold to anyone.”

Mum: “Okay, and how long has it been since my daughter called to reserve [Game]?”

Employee #2: *annoyed* “20 minutes.”

Mum: “Then would you care to explain, regardless that my daughter called in and specifically reserved, under her name, that game which you only have a single copy of, and the fact that we came in on the same day she reserved, why you decided to change the rules and sell it to an employee without even notifying us?”

(The employee shrugs. Feeling dejected, I ask her if we can leave, to which the employee breaks out into a smug grin. She shakes her head and turns to the employee again.)

Mum: “[Employee #2], may I have an actual answer to my question? I think we deserve a reason after driving all the way from home for this.”

Employee #2: “No. The game’s gone and that’s that. You’re on your own now, lady!”

(We went home. My mother called the head office of the company after dinner and explained the situation to the exact detail. The response was ‘don’t worry ma’am, we’ll deal with it.’ Though I’ve never found another copy since, I sure hope having that game was worth breaking both the rules and a sale, because I never saw Employee #2 in the store again. A new employee said they’d both been fired for several similar customer complaints against them, and even stealing stock!)

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