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It’s All Just A Game To Them

, , , , | Right | August 10, 2017

(I work at a popular electronics retailer. We offer extended warranties that cover manufacturer defects and basic accidents. I am the only cashier on a busy Saturday and there is a constant steady line. An elderly woman comes up with printer ink and her own tablet.)

Me: “Hi, how are you?”

Customer: “I am well. I’m paying for this, but I have a question for you.”

Me: “Certainly.”

(I try to ring out her item to keep the transaction moving, but she sets it out of my reach.)

Customer: “Okay, so I bought this tablet and I got the warranty, and they told me you guys will help me with any problem under the warranty.”

Me: “Yes?”

Customer: “Well, can you help me with this?”

(She sets the tablet on the counter and a game I don’t recognize is open.)

Customer: “Can you tell me how to get past this level? I asked your tablet people and they were too busy and didn’t know. You guys said you’d help me with ANY problem.”