It’s All In The Redelivery

, , , , | Working | November 30, 2019

(My husband and I have ordered a pizza and it arrives right on time. However, the pizza guy looks very nervous as soon as we answer the door.)

Pizza Guy: “Hello, did you have… [completely wrong order]?”

Me: “Hi. No, we ordered [correct order].”

Pizza Guy: *looking even more nervous* “That’s what I was afraid of. Um, I am so sorry, but I accidentally delivered your order to the house before this. Is there any way you would want this order? It’s bigger.”

Me: “Um, no, sorry. We’re vegetarians.”

Pizza Guy: “Oh, um, okay. Well, I’ll be right back.”

(My husband asks me to call the pizza shop to make sure that he is in fact going back to the shop to get our order remade, and not back to the other people’s house. I laugh at him and tell him not be ridiculous, but he insists. No sooner than I have dialed the shop, the driver comes back.)

Pizza Guy: “Oh, um, the other people already started eating your order. So, um, I guess I have to go back to the shop.”

Me: “Wait, did you seriously actually go to a stranger’s house to pick up pizzas that had been there a while and plan to deliver them to my house? I don’t know them. That would not be okay.”

Pizza Guy: “Oh, um… I guess I’m not sure what to do.”

(I ask him to just go back to the shop and I’ll call them.)

Pizza Guy: “No, no, don’t do that. I’ll just go get it remade. I’ll be back in fifteen minutes. I’ll get it done.”

(On a hunch, I called the shop, anyway. The manager was furious. It turns out it was a fireable offense to carry two deliveries at once, for robbery purposes, and this person had already been warned about this. The manager comped our pizza and sent a different driver out. I feel bad for getting that guy in trouble, but I could not believe that he tried to take pizza from one person’ s home and bring it to another person.)

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