It’s All In The Falsified Delivery

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(I have ordered something online. After a week, I check the tracking information to see how much longer it will take, when I notice the delivery date has elapsed. I call up customer service and, after several attempts and the usual long hold times, I finally get an answer.)

Me: “My order hasn’t arrived yet, and the tracking system isn’t giving me a new date. Is it possible for you to provide me with one, please?”

(I give my details and she puts me on hold while checking what’s going on.)

Employee: “It looks like the order was taken by another driver by mistake.”

(There is an awkward silence while I wait for more information.)

Employee: “Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

Me: “Umm, well, I did ask for a new delivery date.”

Employee: “And I said a different driver took the delivery.”

Me:“Yes, but what does that even mean? You can’t give me an expected delivery date?”

Employee: “No. We have no idea where the order is or when it will arrive.”

Me: “How can you not know that? Can’t you contact the driver and ask? I paid for it to be delivered this week.”

Employee: “We don’t know which driver took it. It’ll arrive when it arrives, maybe.”

Me: “Maybe?”

Employee: “There’s a chance it won’t arrive.”

Me: “This isn’t exactly filling me with confidence. I’d like a refund, please.”

Employee: “Sorry, refunds can only be made once the order has been delivered.”

Me: “That makes no sense, and I’ve got no idea if it will even arrive.”

Employee: “Yes! I’ve just told you that!”

Me: “And if it doesn’t, what happens then?”

Employee: “Nothing. You paid for an item that we shipped. If you don’t get it, it’s not our problem.”

Me: “No, I’m afraid it is. I’m—”

Employee: “If there’s nothing else I can help you with today… Thank you for calling.” *hangs up*

(I’m shocked by the employee’s attitude and decide to call back. I give my details again, and before I can say another word I’m put through to a supervisor. I explain the situation.)

Supervisor: “I see you have attempted to get a refund. However, you became hostile and the rep had to cut the call, citing expletives.”

Me: “That’s not what happened.”

Supervisor: *not convinced* “Of course, sir. What was the reason for the refund?”

Me: “Well… It hasn’t arrived? You have no idea where it is or if it will ever arrive?”

(There’s a long pause.)

Supervisor: *completely different tone* “I will just put you on hold for a moment, sir. I could be a while, but please be patient.”

(I’m on hold for about twenty minutes when a new person takes the call.)

Manager: “Hello, [My Name]? I’m [Customer Service Manager]. I have been made aware of your situation and would like to personally apologise for the difficulties you have faced with us. Your refund has been processed, and we have also submitted a replacement order, free of charge.”

Me: “Oh, umm, thank you?”

Manager: “You are welcome, sir. Is there anything else I can assist you with?”

Me: “Well, what’s happened?”

Manager: “Ah. The woman you spoke to earlier today has had several incidents with customers since starting this month. She has demonstrated a lack of support expected of our representatives. Yours is the first instance, however, of her actually ending the call and falsifying customer accounts; she added a note on your file that you were a nuisance customer. I listened to a recording of your conversation and deemed her to be in the wrong. You will not encounter her in your dealings with us in future.”

Me: “Oh, well, thank you. I’m sorry for the trouble I might have caused.”

Manager: “No, sir, the apology is mine to make. Thank you, and enjoy the rest of your day.”

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