It’s All In The Delivery, Part 2

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I am used to people calling in angry because the website would say that they were outside of our delivery area. One caller is outside the delivery area by two blocks. Of course, she is furious.

Customer: “I always get delivery from this store! I am an excellent tipper! My babies are hungry, how dare you not feed them!”

Me: *Calmly* “Ma’am, if you want your food, you’re more than welcome to place a pick-up order and the food will be ready when you got here.”

She rages at me a bit, but places the order anyway. She comes in, pays, picks up her food and leaves. She makes some nasty comments but I have completed the transaction and moved on.

I am taking another delivery phone call when I hear her scream for the manager.

Me: “Ma’am, that is me, and I will be right with you after completing this order.”

I turn back to the order screen to finish a customer transaction when I see a hand reach for the phone and press the tab thing that ends the phone call. 

I turned around and see my employees just staring at this woman who has walked behind the counter and cornered me in. She is screaming at me about suing me and the business.

Customer: “I’ve called the cops on you and you’re personally going to jail. You need to pay for my car!”

I am a bit confused, so I step outside to look at her car. As soon as the door opens I am hit by a gust of wind. I look over and see a bright red BMW with one of our very heavy umbrellas upside down in the front windshield. The customer, of course, keeps screaming at me.

I poke my head inside and call some employees out to take the other umbrellas inside so that it doesn’t happen to a decent person’s car.

The officer pulls up shortly after the other umbrellas are taken in. The customer is still screaming and the officer takes notes. I just stand there wondering how long this will take. As she starts pointing at me and demanding I be arrested, the officer looks up and sighs.

Officer: “Ms., I cannot arrest this girl. She did not do anything to you or your car. The wind picked up the umbrella. This was an Act of God. No one can be blamed for this.”

Customer: “She did this! If this b**** had just delivered to me like she was supposed to, I never would have had to drive up here! She knew this would happen!”

I ignore her rant, look at the officer and say:

Me: “So, I have done nothing wrong? I have got to get back to shift change inside so my employees can go home.”

The officer just nods at me while the customer continues screaming. I give a polite half bow, and a big smile.

Me: “Thanks! Hope that you guy’s day gets better! You can keep the umbrella.”

I turn on my heel and walked back inside. She tries to follow me in, but the officer stops her.

When she leaves she throws the umbrella against the shop front window. She is too weak to actually do any damage, but I guess it makes her feel better.

It’s All In The Delivery

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