It’s All Gone A Bit Pear-Shaped

| MO, USA | Learning | October 6, 2016

(In geometry, we are learning about deductive reasoning, and the textbook has a picture of two pears in an empty room. This conversation takes place.)

Me: “It’s a PAIR of PEARS!”

Teacher: “I always imagine that the pears are breaking up, and they’ve packed up their things, and are leaving the house they shared together, and they’re no longer a pair.”

Student #1: “They could be moving in together.”

Teacher: “Well, no, because the she-pear is facing the door—”

Student #2: *loudly* “DID YOU JUST ASSUME ITS GENDER?!”

Teacher: “Okay, the smaller pear…”

(And that is how we got into a discussion about pears ending a relationship.)

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