It’s All Geek To Me

| Working | July 2, 2013

(The manager has called everyone in for an “emergency meeting” at 3 in the afternoon. My co-worker and I work from 8 pm till 7 am and have gotten little sleep, so we decide to have a little fun with it.)

Manager: “So, the main reason I’ve called you all here today—”

Co-worker: “Mawwiage!”

Manager: “Ahem… I’ve gathered you all to tell you that we intercepted a communiqué from corporate—”

Me: “Intercepted a communiqué? Are we running a restaurant or staging an uprising?”

Manager: *glares at me* “We have retrieved information from corporate HQ—”

Me: “Many Bothans had to die to bring us this information!”

Co-worker: “Your evil empire shall not stand, [manager]!”

Manager: *sighs* “You two just go on home, please, and take tonight off.”

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