It’s All Fun And Games… Sort Of

, , , , | Working | July 3, 2020

I work at a virtual reality arcade that is inside a large museum. The arcade is fairly new so the museum has issued free vouchers to play the games for all the volunteers. The volunteer coordinator comes in to tell us that the volunteers must play a specific game, the favorite of one of the bigwigs.

There are immediately many problems with this. For one, the game in question is very buggy and sometimes just refuses to work unless we reboot the whole computer. Another issue is that it is all about balancing on a plank over a great height and requires pretty good balance, and most of the volunteers are elderly. The worst is that it is classified as a horror game meant to cause extreme acrophobia and is not one we recommend to new users. The coordinator, however, will not hear this, and insists they play the game anyway.

What we get is a few folks with canes and walkers that nearly have a serious fall, a woman in a wheelchair who cannot play the game at all, a majority of the volunteers complaining that it gives them a headache, and one old man so terrified he cries. 

The kicker is that one of my coworkers had her lunch in the volunteer lounge and the volunteers were complaining about us for making us play the horrible game.

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