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It’s All Downhill Downtown

, , , , , | Right | November 11, 2021

We have a big family (one mom, five kids) who comes to the library every day, and they each take out the maximum (five) DVDs allowed for an individual. Next, Mom will come up to the desk and ask to place holds on new DVDs from downtown, using each of the kids’ cards to do so.

The next step in this little scam — which she seems to believe will prevent late fees — is to make a big production about how they never go downtown because it’s SO far out of their way. Then, they will return items without the DVDs inside and tell us, “Oh, we got it like that,” despite having watched us open and check each DVD when we checked the item out.

Next, they will come in to take more movies out despite still having five each STILL on their cards and new ones on hold. When we pull up the record, the items are still out.

Every time:

Mom: “Oh, that’s wrong. We took every last one downtown and dropped them in the movie drop last week.”

Boss: “Then we should have them.”

Mom: “Well, they are really slow about getting this checked in, you know.”

Boss: “They aren’t that slow.”

Mom: “You should call them.”

Of course, we do, even though we know our colleagues are NOT going to have the DVDs.

Two or three weeks later, Mom and the kids show up with all the movies and hand them over and are upset when they owe money. 

Boss: “So, did you crawl into the DVD drop bin to get these back?”

Mom: “What?! We never go downtown. Never ever!”

Every darn time!

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