It’s Aliiiiive!

, , | Right | April 2, 2009

Caller: “I’m having trouble registering for courses.”

Me: “Okay, let me direct you to some tutorials available on the main website so we can walk through that process.”

Me: “You can either view these tutorials as a module demonstration or you can click ‘Download PDF’ to view a written tutorial with pictures and steps. Go ahead and click on ‘Download PDF.'”

Caller: “Woah, wait a minute. Why is there a white arrow moving around on my screen?”

Me: “Well, whenever you move your mouse you’ll see a white arrow move around on the screen. Is that what you are referring to?”

Caller: “Ooh… ”

Me: “Okay, well, let’s go to the… ”

Caller: “Oh, my gosh, make it stop! Make it stop! Why is it adding me to courses I don’t want! I don’t want [Course]. I don’t want it! Why is it doing this!? Please, please make it stop!”

Me: “It’s okay. It’s just a demonstration to show you how the registration process works. It’s not actually adding you to those courses.”

Caller: “Ooh.”

Me: “What courses did you want to register for? I’m just going to go ahead and submit those registration requests for you…”

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