It’s Actually A Pretty Sick Story, Part 2

| Romantic | August 30, 2012

(I’ve been dating this guy for quite a while. We’ve both have had some bad relationships in the past, so we’re taking things very slowly and have not yet had the “girlfriend/boyfriend talk. He’s got food poisoning, and has been sick all night. I’ve decided to let him sleep in. By noon, I go to check on him.)

Me: “Hi babe, are you awake? How are you feeling?”

Him: “Not too good. My tummy’s all gurgly, and my head is all bangy, and everything is just hurty.”

Me: “Aw, poor you.”

(I sit down next to him in bed and starts stroking his stomach.)

Him: “You are so sweet, taking care of me when I’m all sick and whiney. You’re the best girlfriend ev… ooh!”

Me: “Oh, so now I’m the girlfriend?”

Him: “Well, you witnessed me throwing up all night and yet you’re still here in the morning. I figure that has to be the ultimate criteria?”

(I guess it was, we’ve been together ever since!)


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