It’s About To Get Physical

, , , , , | Learning | August 21, 2018

My APUSH (Advanced Placement United States History) and Physics teachers are the definition of friendly rivalry. They actually get along rather well, but they often try to one-up each other in jest.

I’m taking my Physics midterm, which is directly after my History midterm. I dislike it when people swear, and my APUSH teacher occasionally swears while teaching. So, when my Physics teacher’s “extra credit” question on the midterm asks how he is better than my APUSH teacher, I put down that he doesn’t swear, and promptly forgets about it.

To my horror, my Physics teacher shows that to the APUSH teacher, who then proceeds to look straight at me and apologize every time he swears in class. It is nice of him to apologize, but it is pretty embarrassing to be called out like that. Since then, I’ve refrained from putting any comments on my tests. I simply don’t trust my teachers not to show them to others.

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