It’s About To Become Your Problem

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Every Saturday, my friends and I order pizza from a famous chain in New Zealand, well known for their advertisements on the TV with their phone number sung in the background. One Saturday, we put in our order as usual and wait for the delivery person. The doorbell rings.

Delivery Man: “Hello, I’ve got an order of four pizzas, a garlic bread, Sprite, and fries?”

Me: “Yes, that’s us! Thank you!”

As I’m picking up the pizza from the doorstep — due to distancing rules in my country — I notice something odd.

Me: “Um, there’s only the pizza here. Where’s everything else?”

Delivery Man: “What do you mean? You ordered pizza; there’s the pizza.”

Me: “We also ordered three sides. You listed them when you arrived.”

Delivery Man: “Have you got any proof of that?”

He listed it off his list when he arrived, it’s on the receipt stapled to the pizza box, and I have an email stating what we bought.

I pull out my phone with the confirmation email and prove it.

Delivery Man: “Hmm. Oh, well, I just bring what they put in the bag. Not my problem if they didn’t put it in the bag.”

Me: “Well, can you go back to the store and get the other items, please?”

Delivery Man: “No, this isn’t my fault, so it’s not my problem. Ring them if you’ve got an issue.”

Me: “Um, it kind of is your problem, though, because you haven’t delivered what we bought.”

Delivery Man: “Fine. I’ll go get them, then.”

He walked off suddenly. My friends and I made do, but he never returned with our items. I tried to call their corporate number, but it just rang or hung up on me. After a serious search on the Internet, I find the store franchise phone number and call them, only for them to tell me that they stopped using their famous phone number, despite still having it listed all over their website and Google. In the end, the delivery driver was told off for his attitude and lying to me, and we got free sides the next week. We’ve been put off, though, and I don’t think we’ll keep ordering from there!

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