It’s A Trap!

| Romantic | August 30, 2013

(It’s evening on a Friday night, and I’m in a terrible mood. I have to get up especially early the next day. I have a pounding migraine, and I’m trying to decide what to do with my Friday night. I decide to go to a ‘Tron’ double feature at our school’s tiny theater, because I expect to see some friends. Unfortunately, none of those friends have come, and the movie is already halfway through, but I notice an empty seat next to an acquaintance I’ve gotten to know recently. Thinking nothing of it, I march right up to him.)

Me: *bluntly* “Is this seat taken?”

Acquaintance: “Oh! Not at all; you’re welcome to sit here.”

Me: *sits down*

(We start to enjoy each other’s company as we make funny comments throughout the movie.)

Me: *when Clu says he’s Sam’s dad* “Luke, I am your father.”

Acquaintance: *high-fives me*

(We have a good time together, and after I leave, I realize I’ve started to like him. Luckily, a few weeks later, we start dating, and we talk about how we met that night.)

Me: “Yeah, so none of that should’ve happened. I don’t normally go marching across a theater to ask if a seat was taken when it looked very much like it was. Blame it on the migraine I guess. Still, quite the funny coincidence, huh?”

Acquaintance: *smirks mischievously*

Me: “What?”

Acquaintance: “I had purposely moved one seat over from the aisle seat, in hopes that if you came to the event, I could offer you a place to sit should you come by.”

Me: “You’re kidding me!”

Acquaintance: “Nope! You fell right into my trap!”

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