It’s A Sign Of The Times When You Can’t Tell The Time

, , , , , | Right | November 14, 2018

(It is the end of the day and all of the visitors are gone, closing procedures completed, and lights off. My coworker and I exit the museum. There is a woman outside on the museum doorstep trying to come in.)

Coworker: “Hi. Can we help you?”

Woman: “Yeah, are you open?”

Coworker: “Unfortunately, we’re not. We closed about twenty minutes ago.”

Woman: “Well, then, why isn’t the door locked?”

Coworker: “It is locked. We only just unlocked it to leave the building.”

(He gestures to the sign with our hours just outside the front door.)

Coworker: “You’ll see on our sign that we close at five.”

Woman: *angrily* “WELL, I DON’T KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS!”

(As she walked away, my coworker turned to me and said, “And that’s our fault?”)

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