It’s A Show Down

, , , | Friendly | February 23, 2019

(I go to see “The Kid Who Would Be King” at the movie theater. It is during the day, and I am in seat D6 with it empty all the way to the aisle on one side of me. This is important. We get to where it’s about fifteen minutes to the end of the movie, and this dad comes in holding a baby and tickets to the next showing.)

Dad: “We’re in D4, 5, 6, and 7.”

(He is looking at me like he fully expects me to apologize and move.)

Me: “Well, maybe you are, but I’m still using one of those!”

(He turned and left the theater. I mean, if sitting down right then was that important to him, he could have sat in one of the empty seats with no problem, but I’m not moving before the movie has even ended to make room for people attending the next show.)

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