It’s A Long Flight, Okay?!

, , , , | Right | December 2, 2020

My high school’s band is taking a week-long trip to Ireland, where we’ll have the opportunity to perform music with an Irish school’s band at a party. We decide to bring some American snacks to give to the Irish kids at the party. Since it will be a large group, it takes an entire carry-on suitcase to hold all the snacks. I’ve volunteered to use my carry-on to do it, since I can fit my actual luggage into a suitcase that will be checked.

At the airport, a small group of us, including me, have pre-check, meaning we get to go through a shorter and faster security line. After our carry-ons have gone through the x-ray scanner, a security agent takes mine off the belt to inspect it.

Security Agent: “There’s some food in here, so we just need to look through it real quick.”

Me: “Um…”

Before I could explain, they opened it and saw it completely filled to the brim with boxes of typical American candy and snacks. I instantly went red while they started giggling. I managed to stutter out an explanation and they handed me back my suitcase. Thankfully, they were very understanding and polite, but I can only imagine how strange it must have been to see a suitcase stuffed with food and nothing else.

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