It’s A Hard Back Life For Us

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(I’m a cashier and have only been one for about a week at this point. I’m out of fives and ones, so my manager is off to get me some more change for my register when this guy comes up with a few books. My manager is within twenty feet of me.)

Me: “I can help you in just a moment, sir; my manager’s bringing me more money for my register.”

Customer: *angrily* “I don’t need money; I’m paying with a card!”

Me: “Well, I need the money for anyone behind you, so if you could wait just one more moment…”

(My manager gets to me and then realizes she doesn’t have enough money to exchange for the 100 she took, so she calls up one of the assistant managers to come bring the rest. I go ahead and check this guy out. I punch in four hardbacks, one paperback, and a kid’s paperback.)

Me: “Your total is $13.56.”

Customer: *looks at the screen, looks at his books, looks at me* “There is a mistake here; the price is too high.” *getting more annoyed, he leans over my counter to look at my screen where I’ve put in his items and he points* “Too many hardbacks!”

(I double-check. Sure enough, I rang up a paperback as a hardback. I tell my manager and she voids it for me. I change it to a paperback.)

Customer: “You know, at [Grocery Chain], a mistake like that would make this free.”

Me: “Your total is $11.67, sir; debit or credit?”

(He grumbled very angrily until he left the store.)

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