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It’s A Good Thing She Doesn’t Babysit Anymore

, , , , | Friendly | August 18, 2022

My boyfriend and I stop at a gas station, and I go to get drinks while my boyfriend fixes his car’s windshield wiper; it randomly flew off. As I’m headed back to the car, a woman in the car next to us hollers at me.

Woman: “Hey, does he know his car is smoking?”

Sure enough, there’s a bit of white smoke coming off the front of the car. I let my boyfriend know, he shuts it off, and after a few minutes, we get out to look under the hood.

The same woman sees my pregnant belly.

Woman: “Oh, congrats! When are you due?”

Me: “On [date], and thanks!”

Woman: “You’re so lucky. I can’t have kids. When I got that shot, it made it so I can’t have kids. I’ve been bleeding for months now; they have to go in and burn my stomach lining to stop the bleeding.”

Me: “Uh. Sorry… that sucks.”

I’m trying to figure out how to politely end this conversation, but she’s just rambling and barely taking a breath between words.

Woman: “Yeah, they made me sign a waiver saying that it wasn’t the shot that caused it, but it was the shot. Now I’ll never have kids. Congrats to you, though! My friend had kids. I used to babysit them until they were all taken. Well, actually they weren’t all taken; the oldest three were taken and I wanted her baby. I would’ve babysat him twenty-four hours a day if she’d let me, but she took him to them and said she didn’t want him anymore. Now I don’t babysit anymore. I’ll babysit soon. I can’t wait to babysit again. You’re so lucky to have yours, though.”

Me: “Uh. Let me see what’s up with this car.”

I hop back in, and thankfully, we have the windows rolled up.

Me: *To my boyfriend* “Well, that was… just way too much information.”

Boyfriend: “Was that some family or a friend I haven’t met yet?”

Me: “Nope. Never seen her before in my life.”

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