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It’s A Fashion Emergency

, , , | Right | August 13, 2009

Me: “Apartment maintenance line. How may I help you?”

Caller: “Yes, I put too many clothes on the clothes hanger rack in my closet and it fell down.”

Me: “Okay, let me get your information and I’ll send a maintenance tech over. What’s your apartment number?”

Caller: “When is he coming over?”

Me: “Looks like it will be about an hour, maybe a little less.”

Caller: “But this is an emergency! My clothes are all over the floor!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. He’ll be there within an hour to install a better rack for you. It shouldn’t take long for him to do that. Could you provide me with your apartment number?”

Caller: “Where am I supposed to put my clothes? This is an emergency! I’m calling someone else!” *hangs up*