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It’s A Dragon! It’s A Kangaroo! No, It’s A Whole Mess Of Rabbits!

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I’m in my final year of high school. My senior science class is quite small and has a very casual atmosphere. We’re also fairly close with our teacher.  

I quite enjoy origami, and one day, I make a little dragon to de-stress. On a whim, I decide to drop it off on my teacher’s desk for her to find. She really likes it and asks me if it’s a crane. This happens as well with a kangaroo that I’d made for another teacher, a parrot — also for another teacher — and a rabbit.  

Later on, we’re discussing something unrelated and the topic turns to her inability to distinguish origami animals. I jokingly say that I should cover her desk with rabbits due to how they multiply explosively, and I think no more of it. The next day, however, I find another method for an origami rabbit, remember what I said to her, and put together a plan.  

I’d given her the first “parent” rabbit — the same rabbit that she mistook for a crane — on a Monday, so I spent Tuesday gathering materials and folding the second “parent” rabbit. As the first rabbit was folded with yellow paper, the second rabbit was folded with blue paper to contrast the first one, using the different method that I’d found. This rabbit was delivered on Wednesday, just before our class started.  

On Thursday, I took three sheets of green paper, divided them into quarters, and started making tiny rabbits, using both methods. I also made a little exploding envelope, complete with directions on how to operate it. On the inside, I drew a cartoony explosion — complete with a “BOOM” in the middle — and wrote, “I did say that rabbits multiply explosively!” underneath.

On Friday, I waited until she’d left the staffroom to put the last stage of my plan into action. As soon as she’d left the building, I snuck up to the staffroom, scattered the “baby rabbits” all over her laptop, and left the envelope with the directions facing upward. I then ran back to where I usually sat and waited until I saw her head back to the staffroom.  

This next part is a combination of what I’d heard after I ran up to the staffroom and what was relayed to me after she’d found the rabbits.

She didn’t see anything amiss at first… until she walked closer and saw her laptop covered in tiny little origami rabbits. She went, “Oh, my God, that’s a lot of rabbits!” in a fairly excited tone. After she’d said that, she saw the envelope, picked it up, and followed the directions. The envelope “exploded” as it was supposed to, and after she read the message, she started laughing.  

All in all, I think it was a pretty successful prank.

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