It’s A Dog-Wash-Dog World Out There

, , , | Right | March 28, 2019

(I’m the customer in this one. I take my dog, a two-year-old, female, 45-pound pit bull mix — sweetest thing ever — to the pet supply store. We need a bag of food, and I’m going to use the self-bathe area. I give the cashier my card to buy five baths, all half-price.)

Cashier: “Sorry, we’re low on towels. I’m so sorry, but I can only give you one towel!”

(He cringes! I look at my small, shorthair pitbull, and I ask him:)

Me: “Why would I want more than one? Especially since there’s a dryer hose to blow dry the dogs there?”

Cashier: “Lots of people ask for three or four towels to dry their tiny dogs.”

Me: “Wow. I mean, huskies or malamutes, okay, but pits? That’s just entitled.”

(The poor guy has to work HARD to keep his poker face. I go back to the self-bathe area. There are two bath stalls, one low, one higher. I like using the higher one so I don’t have to bend over. A worker is cleaning the bath stalls. He apologizes for the inconvenience over and over.)

Worker: “It’ll be a few minutes! I’m so sorry!”

Me: “Okay? I’ll go get a bag of dog food. Not a big deal. Like, take your time.”

(This poor guy just sighed with relief and got back to work.)

Me: “Were you worried I was going to yell?”

(He wouldn’t say, but his eyes? They answered just fine. Then, the coupon I had for dog food had some small print. I didn’t realize the 30-pound bag wasn’t on sale. The cashier asked the manager, and this little tiny manager went and checked. She brought back the 45-pound bag of food that was on sale, and apologized! I told her I was not averse to getting another 15 pounds of dog food for about five dollars more! The relief on her face? Palpable. I get the feeling I’ll have good service in there from now on. For God’s sake, are people so rude and entitled that the three eensy-weensy, tiny situations I encountered would set them off? Like, my life is good! Why would that set me off? If your life sucks so much that that kind of minor detail pops your safety valve, change your d*** life!)

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