It’s A Calculated Risk

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I moved to Texas and they made me take Algebra 1 again because I hadn’t taken the high school version, even though I was also in Algebra 2. I had the same teacher for both.

Both classes used those fancy, $80+ calculators, which they expected us to buy. I tried to do things longhand, but my teacher got angry at me for it. I got Ds that first semester because I didn’t have a calculator and the use of those calculators was so confusing. I felt like I was taking an advanced programming class, not a math class!

Anyway, I did learn eventually, and I tried to learn as much longhand as I could; I didn’t want to become dependent on the calculator. She still refused to teach it, even after I begged for after school sessions or a tutor or anything.

By the end of the year, I was just as calculator-dependent as the rest of them. Now, I should mention that this teacher was best friends with the Pre-Calculus teacher. I signed up for her class for my junior year. Do you want to know what she said on the first day?

“If you’re calculator-dependent, you’re going to fail.”

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