It Would Be A Great Feat(us) To Remember

| Related | May 30, 2014

(It is my dad’s birthday and my whole family is eating dinner at the table together for the first time in years. The conversation gets slight off topic as usual.)

Mom: “You’ve been to Boston before. Do you remember it?”

Me: “No, mom.”

Mom: “You went with me on a business trip.”

Me: “Okay, cool. I don’t—”

Mom: “I was four months pregnant, so you were there.”

Me: “I don’t remember that! Why would I remember that?! I was a fetus, mom!”

Mom: “You were still there! You. Were. Still. There!”

Me: “Mom, that’s not the same thing. Being a fetus is not the same thing. There is no possible way I could remember that!”

Dad: “… Call me when it’s time to open my presents.”

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