It Will Take Thirty Days To Figure Out What You’re Talking About

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(I am in the process of moving from a rental house to owning a new house in a different state, so I know that I am going to need to buy some home appliances — specifically a refrigerator — for the new house. I wait until late May when the store has a huge appliance sale and buy the fridge I want. When it comes time to work out the delivery, I ask the sales associate if I can have it delivered on July 9th — the day after we close on buying the house — but at an address in a different state.) 

Sales Associate: “Sure, no problem. We do that all the time. Here’s the delivery information and invoice. They’ll call you the day before to schedule an exact time; if you need to change anything just call this number.”

(Fast forward to June 5th or so; I find out from the builder that construction was delayed and the house won’t be ready for closing for another month. The new close date is August 8th. No big deal, I’ll just call that number and reschedule delivery. It turns out that the DIY store uses a third-party company for appliance deliveries and my call goes to a call center representative.)

Representative: “Can I help you with your delivery?”

Me: “Yeah, here’s my order number. It turns out that my house won’t be finished on July 9th, so I need to move my delivery to a later date.”

Representative: “I have you for July 9th; when would you like to move it to?”

Me: “August 9th.”

Representative: “I’m sorry, but we can’t do that. We have a 30-day policy.”

(I look through the delivery information paperwork.)

Me: “I’m sorry, I’m not seeing that anywhere in the paperwork. What do you mean by ’30-day policy’?”

Representative: “We can’t move it. We have a 30-day policy.”

Me: “I heard you the first time, but I don’t know what you’re talking about. What do you mean by 30 days?”

Representative: “It means our policy is 30 days.”

Me: “Okay, that isn’t telling me anything. If you mean 30 days since the order was bought, it’s within 30 days. If you mean I can’t make changes within 30 days of the scheduled delivery, I’m outside of 30 days. If you mean I can’t move the delivery date more than 30 days, I’m moving it exactly 30 days. So, right now, I don’t know what the h*** you’re talking about or see what the problem is, and you haven’t explained anything about this supposed 30-day policy.”

Representative: “Sir… we have a 30-day policy.”

Me: “Okay, this is going nowhere and you aren’t helping anything. I’m done talking with you; please go get your supervisor.”

(I’m put on hold for a few minutes, and then she comes back.)

Representative: “Sir, my manager says that we can move it, but that we can’t move it until you’re within 30 days of your new delivery date.”

Me: “But 30 days of the new delivery day is the current delivery day.”

Representative: “That’s correct.”

Me: “So, let me get this straight. You want me to wait until some guys have loaded this onto a truck and started driving to my house, which still won’t be finished being built yet by the way, and then call to have it moved? So that they have to turn around and take it off of the truck and then hang onto it for a month?”

Representative: “Yep, that’s correct.”

Me: “That is completely screwing your delivery crews!”

Representative: “You could just have it delivered earlier.”

Me: “My house won’t be built yet! Why don’t we just save ourselves a bunch of trouble, say that I’m having it moved 15 days later, and that in two weeks I’ll be calling back to have it moved an additional 15 days? So let’s just cut out all that calling and extra work and move it the full 30 days now?

Representative: “I can’t do that.”

Me: “I want to talk to your supervisor.”

Representative: “My supervisor is not available.”

Me: “Your supervisor was available a minute ago. Did they just go home for the day all of a sudden?”

Representative: “No, he just isn’t available.”

Me: “Whatever. Let’s just get this straight: the fridge can’t be delivered on July 9th because they’re still building the house on that day, and you refuse to help me out with moving it to the date that I need it moved to. So, what’s the solution?”

Representative: “Well, you’re just going to have to cancel your order and buy it again with the correct delivery date.”

Me: “What the h***? The fridge is already paid for, and your company is getting paid for delivery regardless, so what difference does it make if I want to move it 30 days later or 300 days later?”

Representative: “We have a 30-day policy.”

(I hang up, grab the paperwork, and drive to the DIY store. I happen to find the exact salesman that sold me the fridge and explain the problem to him.)

Salesman: “What? That doesn’t make any sense; it’s already paid for! This shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re calling to reschedule within a few days! I’m going to call them for you and see what the problem is.”

(He calls the delivery company.)

Salesman: “Yes, this is [Salesman] with [Store]. I need to get a delivery moved. The order is [number.]” *pause* “August 9th.” *pause* “What do you mean by ‘30-day policy’?” *pause* “Well, this customer has a problem and it’s our job to solve it, so what are you going to do about it?” *pause* “You’re a f****** idiot. Go put your boss on.”

(A few minutes later, I had my delivery date fixed.)

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