It Will Click For Him One Day

| Working | October 18, 2014

(I’m a UI designer. I sketch wireframes of screens before they get implemented in our software. I’m just on my way out, when I run into my boss.)

Boss: “Hey, still here? You know what’s funny?”

Me: “I was just about to leave, but… tell me?”

Boss: “You know that [Sales Rep] and I tend to work late, and sit here after office hours? We have discussions sometimes, you know, and we come up with the most funky things! Good things happen. You won’t believe it!”

(This announcement is going nowhere, but I know my boss and just nod understandingly. He goes on to make his point:)

Boss: “You know, just last evening, we were sitting here, and [Coworker] just showed us this software you designed, and it looked really good! It was really nice!”

(I can’t believe Coworker has implemented the screens yet, as we have discussed the revisions only this morning and he is very strict in his work. Still, my boss keeps saying how ‘funky’ and ‘nice’ it was.)

Me: “I cannot really believe [Coworker] has implemented them yet. But eh, maybe he started already… so… thanks for liking it.”

Boss: “I can show it to you right away. He’s still in the office!” *runs off and taps [Coworker] on the shoulder*

Boss: “Hey, [Coworker]! Show her the screens!”

Coworker: “Those weren’t screens. Those were the sketched wireframes.”

Boss: “But it was there and all… and you clicked it… you made it click! It clicked!”

Coworker: “Really can’t be. Those were really only the wireframes.”

Boss: “But it clicked…”

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