It Was The Right Thing To Do

, , | Right | December 6, 2018

Me: “I’m afraid that we only have tickets available at either end of row X, at the very ends on either side.”

Customer: “Hmm, which side is better?”

Me: “Well, it’s the three end seats at either end of the row; there’s not much difference between the two.”

Customer: “But which has the better view?”

Me: “Like I say, the view is pretty much the same from either side.”

Customer: “But which do you think would be best for this show?”

Me: “The auditorium is perfectly symmetrical; there is no difference at all between either position.”

Customer: “Yes, but which would you pick? You know the venue better than I do.”

Me: *sighs internally* “You know what? The right side definitely has the better view. I’d go for that.”

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