It Was The Chad

| Romantic | February 1, 2014

(I have just woken up from a bad dream, and text my boyfriend, asking him to cheer me up. He thinks this is silly, as it was just a dream. Note: It is a joke on the internet that ‘Chad’ is and always will be a ‘douche.’)

Me: “Fine. Don’t try to cheer up your girlfriend. Be THAT guy.”

Boyfriend: “Chad?”

Me: “If it makes you feel better.”

(Some time passes without a response, as he is in class.)

Me: “Way to be Chad.”

Boyfriend: “Chad has class. F*** Chad.”

Me: “Chad was rude to his girlfriend between classes. F*** Chad.”

(More time without a response.)

Me: “Whattadouche.”

Boyfriend: “You want to f*** Chad?”

Me: “I apparently have.”

Boyfriend: “Yes! =D”

Me: “…”

Boyfriend: “…”

Me: “You should not be that happy to be Chad!”

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