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It Was No Problem Until They Became The Problem

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A woman comes up to me and asks me for help finding canned black beans. I showed her where they are located and help her find a brand she’s happy with.

Customer: “Thank you so much!”

Me: “No problem!”

I turn to leave, but she grabs my wrist and pulls me back around.

Customer: “No, no, the proper response is ‘You’re welcome,’ not ‘No problem’.”

I wrench my arm out of her grasp.

Me: “Excuse me. You have no business touching any of the staff members here!”

Customer: “How dare you speak to me that way?!”

Me: “I’ve read about people like you on the Internet. I’m afraid that attitude won’t fly in this store. You need to go to the registers and get out.”

Customer: “Who the f*** do you think you are?!”

Me: “I’m an assistant manager, and I am the manager on duty for the day. I’ll escort you out.”

This is where I made what could have panned out to be a fatal mistake: I turned my back on her. The next thing I knew, I was waking up in a hospital bed. With a few quick questions to the hospital staff, I found out that the woman had been brought to the same hospital and was also under arrest. My manager was then brought in to explain to me what had happened ahead of the police coming in to speak to me.

Apparently, as soon as I turned around, the woman grabbed a can of soup and threw it as hard as she could at the back of my head, which rendered me unconscious. She then turned and threatened another customer with an “object out of her purse”. The other customer, not willing to put up with that level of bulls***, rammed her with his shopping cart, breaking her ankle.

The hero customer had then called for help and began first aid while paramedics arrived.

I pressed charges against the woman and won all of my court days. She is currently in prison, and I am working at the same store as the new manager. I met the hero customer after returning to work a few weeks after the incident, and we have now been together for two years, as well. With no lasting health issues, this incident gave me three weeks of paid vacation and a soap opera-style significant other meeting.

Since then, I have never confronted a customer myself again. The store schedule changed to add two more people to the floor, and we were provided with radios and earpieces to communicate. The last thing the previous manager did before leaving was taking us all through training on how to use the new system and how to identify when we should engage and when we should call the police immediately.

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