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It Was A Christmas Miracle He Wasn’t Arrested

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It’s Christmas and my family is shopping at a big box store. My husband and kids browse the toys while I grab some essentials. My husband whispers to me that he’s found a perfect gift for our oldest and he has stuffed it under his shirt to keep it a surprise.

We head up to the checkout and I unload our cart. At this point, we hear the employees’ walkie-talkies going off with some random code. We ignore it and push up our items. I then grab the kids and announce that we will get loaded into the car while my husband pays. The kids are delighted and skip out. 

My husband then pulls out the toy and pays for all our shopping, making a joke with the cashier about how hard it is to keep gifts a surprise. He looks around and realizes that there are three security guards now stationed at the door and the cashier confirms that they assumed he was trying to shoplift. 

Lesson learned: just come back to buy the gift later instead of worrying security.

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