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It Used To Be People Entering Gas Stations WITH A Mask Was Worrying…

, , , , | Right | December 20, 2020

I am a customer in a gas station owned by people from the Middle East. I don’t know where they’re from exactly, but English is not their first language. Our county has a mask mandate, and businesses that don’t comply will be fined $400. I’m in the back getting my energy drinks when I hear a commotion.

Cashier: “Mask, sir! Mask, please!”

Customer: *Smiling* “Nope! I don’t have to wear one.”

Cashier: *Pointing to a sign* “Mask please to be in here.”

Customer: *Still weirdly happy* “There’s no mask mandate starting today; the chamber of commerce said so. You don’t have to ask me to wear one anymore, so don’t worry about it.”

The cashier is obviously confused and trying to figure out what he means, so I jump in.

Me: *To the customer* “That’s not true; the mandate is still in effect.” *To the cashier* “He’s still saying no.”

Cashier: *Frustrated* “Mask, PLEASE!”

Customer: “No! Your boss is just making your life harder by making you ask that dumb question. Your boss is [White-Sounding Name], right? He owns all the [Gas Station]s, so he owns this one, too! I’ll call him and tell him to let me not wear my mask because I don’t have to!”

The cashier looks back at me for an explanation of what this guy’s talking about.

Me: *To the cashier* “He said he knows your boss, so he doesn’t have to wear a mask.”

Cashier: “No! I boss! We boss!” *Gestures to the backroom*

The customer looks at me. I guess I’m a translator now. Also, a small line has been forming, staring uncomfortably at this s***show.

Me: *To the customer* “This is a family-owned business. [White-Sounding Name] isn’t the owner; this man’s family is. You have to wear a mask.”

Customer: “No! I can’t believe you’re trying to make his job harder by making him enforce a stupid rule.”

Me: “He could get fined if the police saw you in here without a mask.”

Cashier: “Police? Fine? Please don’t! No police! Please! $400!”

Me: “No, it’s okay!” *To the customer* “He shouldn’t get fined because you’re being stubborn. Can’t you just pay and leave?”

Customer: “No, I want him to know he doesn’t have to—”

Me: *Finally snapping.* “THERE’S A LINE! Please! I wanna buy my drink! People want gas!”

Customer: “FINE!”

There was no “everyone clapped” moment or anything, but now they charge my energy drinks as $1.00 fountain sodas, so that’s neat, I guess.

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