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It Takes A While To Work Out The Kinks

, , , , | Working | November 24, 2020

Several years ago, back when food delivery apps are first starting, my mom and I go up to visit my grandmother, who recently had surgery. Because of the surgery, my grandmother can’t get in and out of my car, and my mom and I decide we’ll order Chinese and have it delivered, so we pull up [Food Delivery Service] because my grandmother has somehow gotten coupons for it.

I have a Windows phone, so I am unable to get the app, so we place the order online. The order gets placed and things go on, and a bit later, I get a call from the driver.

Driver: “Hi, I’m trying to deliver your food, but I can’t find your place. I’m in the middle of a field.”

My grandmother’s condo complex is like two miles from the freeway and is clearly labeled. And it’s definitely not in the middle of a field.

Me: “Um, the complex isn’t anywhere near a field. We’re off [Road], in [Complex]. We’re the third building down if you come straight into the complex.”

Driver: “Well, where is that?”

Me: “Where are you?”

The call goes in circles like that for a minute before he tells me he thinks he’s found it and is on his way. About ten minutes later, I get another call.

Driver: “So, I’m in the complex, but I can’t find your unit.”

Me: “Did you come straight down the hill? It would be the third left turn.”

Driver: “I’m near the pool.”

I facepalm because the pool is up at the front of the complex and the first thing you drive past after clearing the entrance.

Me: “You need to come straight down the small hill. I’m heading outside to meet you.”

Driver: “Okay, I’m heading down.”

I go out and stand in the middle of the road but don’t see him.

Driver: “Okay, I’m at the building but I don’t see you.”

Me: “I’m wearing a bright red sweatshirt and standing in the middle of the road.”

Driver: “I don’t see anyone, but I see a fence and there’s a playset on the other side.”

Me: “That’s the wrong building; you need to come back one.”

He finally shows up and gives me the food, which is now cold, but we stick everything in the microwave and it’s fine.

Then, my mom gets a note that they declined her card and need another one; really, her bank just put a temp hold on it because they didn’t recognize the charge. I log onto the site to try and edit the card information but it won’t let me for some reason. I finally get frustrated and call the support line, and I explain the situation to the tech.

Tech: “Well, you need to download the app to change that information.”

Me: “I can’t download the app; I have a Windows phone.”

Tech: “Oh, it’s easy. You just go to your app store and search for [App].”

Me: “I know how apps work, but I do not have an option to download this app; there is no Windows app version of [App]so I can’t download it.”

Tech: “Do you have your phone on you? I can walk you through adding the app.”

Me: “I’m calling you on my phone. And I literally do not have the ability to download [App] on my phone.”

Tech: “You just need an iPhone or an Android device. It’s really easy; I can walk you through it.”

Me: “I know how to download apps, and I can’t download [App] on my Windows phone. I’m just trying to update my payment for this meal.”

Tech: “Well, you need the app.”

Me: “Can you change the card information or can you send me to a supervisor, please?”

Tech: “Oh, let me handle that for you!”

She took my card information and got everything updated on the account. Then, she again suggested I download the app for future use. Rather than get into that again, I just told her thanks and ended the call.

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