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It Takes A Special Kind Of Jerk To Embarrass A Whole Country

, , , | Right | CREDIT: weirdwizzard_72 | September 20, 2021

My father is British, my mother German, and I’ve been living in sunny Spain ever since I was just a lad.

Ten years ago, I was working at the reception desk of a large resort-type hotel where most guests were from both of my parents’ countries of origin.

One of the few rules this hotel had was that any towels placed on sunbeds before 9:00 am were taken away by security to be collected by their owners in a specific bar on the premises.

Now, I have to stress that it’s not only a German habit to reserve sunbeds; the British are very much into it, as well.

One day, we had quite a lot of people at reception, mostly Germans, when this particular lady cut the line and started to throw a temper tantrum (in German) because her precious towels had been taken off her desired sunbeds early in the morning. She ended her tirade with the following words:

Woman: “We have a right to reserve sunbeds. Us Germans are paying for Spain’s debts.”

She then stormed off, leaving a lot of stunned and embarrassed fellow countrymen behind. Some of them shouted abuse at her, like, “You’re insane, aren’t you?” or “Go back under your rock.”

But the icing on the cake was an elderly gentleman who walked up to reception some ten minutes later.

Gentleman: “My wife was present when that woman insulted you, and I want to apologize in the name of my country for what she said. I’m so ashamed. Please don’t think that all of us Germans are like her.”

That man really made our day.