It Takes A Real Jerk To Make Someone Think They’re A Jerk

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(I am filling up my car at a gas station when a fairly disheveled man comes up and tries to open my passenger door. When I call out, he walks around, gets up really close to me, and tells me that he needs a ride. I am leery, given that he is twitching and quite a bit bigger than I am. The gas station attendant comes out and ends up shooing him away. Immediately afterward, a man standing at the next pump over pipes up.)

Man: “Wow. You’re a real jerk, aren’t you?”

Me: “What?”

Man: “That man has nothing, and you couldn’t even give him a ride.”

Me: “I didn’t see you offering to give him a ride, either.”

(He gave me a little glare before driving off past where the man was standing on the sidewalk. I did consider driving over to give the man a ride, but a police car pulled up and the officer got out and started talking to the man, so I left it at that.)

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