It Takes A Minute To Register The Pain

, , , , | Working | August 1, 2020

The wiring at the gas station I work for is notoriously bad. Any time the weather turns, or even on a day with a particularly stiff breeze, the power flickers. It rarely goes out, but the flickering is enough to force our registers to reset, which takes three or four minutes to finish. However, this can be avoided; if register A is allowed to cycle through its reset before B, C, D, or E are used after a flicker, those others will NOT reset. The problem is, register A is on the other side of the building.

One night, the power flickers off for about three seconds while I have a room full of people wanting cigarettes and a line through our drive-thru window. I am completely on my own as we are short-staffed today, and the other worker is on their lunch.

Me: “Well, this is less than ideal. Excuse me, folks, but I need to run next door really quickly!”

I sprint into the back room to the other side of the store and throw the door open to call over to my supervisor.

Me: “Hey! I’ve got a building and drive-thru filled to the brim! Call me as soon as register A is back up!”

I then sprint back to where I’d been, but as I slow down to turn a corner, I manage to slam my elbow into a metal filing cabinet. However, with the adrenaline, I don’t feel it at first.

Me: “Okay, everyone, good news! They’re gonna tell me when I can run the register again! Give it like, three or four minutes! I’m gonna start grabbing orders, so one at a time, tell me what you’re after! I also need to warn you that I managed to slam my elbow into a corner on the way back up here because I’m just that good. I can’t feel it yet — I’m a little hopped up on adrenaline — so in a minute or two, after I’ve calmed down, I may suddenly screech in pain. Nothing to worry about, though, so please don’t freak out!”

Luckily, from as long as I’d worked there, they all knew me well enough to not mind. I got my call and could calm down and get everyone out of the store. And, yes, about a minute after everything settled down, I screeched in pain because I could finally feel where I’d hit my elbow.

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