It Takes A Lot Of Words To Describe How Much Of A Jerk He Is

, , , | Right | June 27, 2020

I work at a call center for a credit card company. I am processing a cash advance from a customer’s credit card to his checking account.

Caller: “Is this going to be available immediately in my checking account or will I need to wait?”

I have to tell him the exact time frame.

Me: “Oh, yes, sir, it is most definitely available now! In fact, any time you do a cash advance from your credit card with us to your checking or savings account over the telephone or on our website before 9:00 pm CT Monday through Friday, it will be available in the bank account immediately for any transaction. You do not have to wait at all!”

Caller: “Sir, I’m going to be honest with you. When I ask if it will be available immediately, it is a yes or no answer! I expect you to say either yes or no! I do not need a novel-length explanation, okay?”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, and I do understand. I was only trying to help you, and this information will help you out should you need to do another cash advance in the future.”

Caller: “I said that I didn’t need your novel-length explanations, you idiot! I do not have time for that!” *Hangs up*

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