It Takes A Generation To Pee

| Friendly | May 27, 2015

(I am on a train heading for Glasgow. Due to the rush of getting out, I didn’t have time to do many things except get my clothes on and grab an apple. At this time I am standing at the front of the line for the toilet, when an old lady walks over.)

Old Lady: “Ah! I am getting in the toilet next!”

Me: “No, ma’am, you will need to wait in line like everyone else.”

Old Lady: “You should respect your elders, young man!”

(At this point the man previously in the toilet comes out, and I head to go in. Suddenly the old lady grabs me by the hood and yanks me back.)

Old Lady: “I SHOULD GET IN!”

(She pushes me back and does her business. Note: the people behind me are a woman with her young child.)

Old Lady: *coming out* “Young man, let the child go first!”

Woman With Child: “Oh, no, it’s perfectly all right. He was here first.”

Old Lady: “He has no manners! I insist you go in!”

(She continues to argue until the woman sighs, giving me an apologetic look goes in with the child.)

Old Lady: “That’s the way it should be!”

(She further objects for me go in no matter who the other person was, until a man my age comes over.)

Man: “Lady, you’ve been stopping this guy here from peeing for half an hour. Stop being such an old hog and let him go!”

Old Lady: “Well, all right, fine! Your generation has no manners!”

(She continued to complain loudly as I was in there!)

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