It Suddenly Became A Smoking Room

, , , , | Right | September 11, 2020

When I was six, we were in the middle of moving. I got sick during the journey. The hotel had a free breakfast, but I didn’t want to go down. My parents went without me. We had bread, some snacks, and a microwave in the room.

I knew toast would make me feel better but couldn’t find a toaster. I decided to make it in the microwave. Since the toaster took ten minutes, the microwave would, too, right? I started it and went to watch TV.

You can guess what happened next; the room started filling with smoke and hotel employees came really quickly. I knew to leave the room but didn’t realize that I’d started this. For the record, the room never caught on fire; there was just a lot of smoke.

My parents came back from breakfast to find out that we’d been banned. I wasn’t allowed to use a microwave for years.

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