It Should Be A Prison Sentence To Say Things Like That

, , , , | Working | November 19, 2019

(I work for a library. We’re preparing to open at a new location. This location is in the neighborhood of mostly African-American and Hispanic residents. I’m setting up the front desk when the director of the entire library system walks by; this is one of the very few times she has been in the building all year. She looks disapprovingly at the supplies I have out.)

Director: “Put those scissors in the drawer. They can be used as a weapon.”

(I think it’s petty, but I humor her and put the scissors in the drawer.)

Me: “Okay.”

Director: “In fact, all of this stuff should be put away. If this was a prison library, any of this could be used as a weapon.”

Me: *trying to remain positive* “It’s a good thing this isn’t a prison library!”

Director: “It might as well be!”

(I walked off in shock at her blatant racism, before I said something that would have gotten me fired. She lost any and all respect in that moment.)

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