It Pays To Be Polite, Part 2

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(I work the overnight shift at a hotel. At the very beginning of my shift, I get a call from a room:)

Guest: “I ordered my food at, like, 10:30, and they told me a thirty- to forty-five-minute wait. It’s still not here.”

(It is now 11:30, and I’m a little concerned because the kitchen is supposed to close at eleven.)

Me: “Well, I’m not sure what’s going on, sir, as I just got on shift, but I’ll speak to our suite service and call you right back.”

(As it turned out, the man’s order was taken by the bar, and the bartender got busy and forgot to take his order to the kitchen. The kitchen is now closed, but this is all entirely the hotel’s fault, so we bring the situation to the manager on duty.)

Manager: “Okay, I’ll call him. [Suite Service Worker], would you be willing to make his food?”

Suite Service Worker: “Sure. It might be a bit because I have to turn everything back on, but I’ll do it.”

Manager: “All right.”

(She calls the guest, and after explaining the situation and offering profuse apologies…)

Manager: “Now, this was completely our fault, so I wanted to offer to have your food made now completely on the house. We’ll even take some money off your rate—”

(She pauses, yelling can be heard on the other end of the line, and then she jerks her head back from the phone.)

Manager: “He hung up.”

Suite Service Worker: “Did he say what he wanted us to do?”

Manager: “No… Hang on.”

(She tries twice to call the guy back, but each time, he picks up the phone and immediately slams it back down on the receiver.)

Manager: “Well, I guess we just won’t do anything for him, then! He cussed at me, anyway.”

(So, instead of getting free food and a discounted room, this gentleman decided to throw a hissy fit and get absolutely nothing. Oh, and if he tries to complain, there are notes on his reservation detailing the whole interaction. He’ll still get nothing.)

It Pays To Be Polite

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