It Is Soda-pressing What People Will Try To Cheat Out Of You

, , , | Right | April 29, 2020

It is lunchtime so we are pretty busy, but the wait isn’t horrible. A couple comes in and sees the chaos but decides to order anyway. As I’m counting their change, they demand a cup because they “had to wait.” Since I don’t respond immediately because of counting, the man repeats his demand.

Me: “Yes, sir, I’ll be sure to get you a water cup. But I have to get my coworker to make it back here because water doesn’t work in the lobby.” *Shifts focus* “Hey, [Coworker], can you make this gentleman a medium water?”

I go back to doing orders, but they complain that their water didn’t magically appear. I simply walk over and make his water for him and gladly hand it over!

As I am helping a different customer, I see the couple hide behind a wall for a moment. Then, the customer comes marching up to my till and shows me the nastiest ring on the top of the cup, demanding a new one. I do exactly as before; I walk over to make him a new one! My line is getting bigger and I’m getting tired of his playing, but before I even press the button the woman starts complaining!


Me: “You know what? Here—” *hands them cups* “—get your free soda.” 

I knew from the beginning what they were trying to do. Who orders a whole meal and doesn’t get drinks? And immediately demanding one over a normal waiting time? Disappearing behind a wall to spread sludge all on the top I know for a FACT was not there? And just for what? A. Dollar. Freaking. Soda. Congratulations, cheapskate.

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