It Is No Laughing Matter

| Related | May 23, 2014

(My younger brother, who’s six, and I are playing a game on the computer together. There’s this weird character in the game that has a loud laugh that annoys my brother.)

Weird Character: *hacking, coughing laugh*

Brother: “Argh!” *mutes sound*

Me: “Hey!”

Brother: “I don’t wanna hear that annoying laugh! Why’d you pick him?”

Me: “Just ignore it; I want to hear the other characters voices.” *turns up volume again*

Weird Character: *laughs again*

Brother: “That’s it, I’m gonna go do homework!”

(I shrug and continue playing. My mom comes in a while later.)

Mom: “Why is your brother angrily muttering ‘I hate laughter’ while doing his homework?!”

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