It Can Be A Fight To Get To Playtime

, , , | Related | June 10, 2018

(It’s the weekend, and I’m sitting at the computer filling out a rather long job application, when my three-year-old son climbs in my lap and asks me to play with him.)

Me: “Sorry, buddy, I have to answer these questions first. Here, you can help me answer this one. What are my strengths? What is mommy good at?”

Son: “Um, hugging! And opening chips.” *gives me a hug* “And kissing.”

Me: “I’m glad you think so, because I love hugging you. Next question, what are my weaknesses?”

Son: “I don’t know.”

Me: “What am I not good at?”

Son: “Fighting! Flying! I don’t know. Can you play now?”

(When I told my husband about it later, his response was, “Well, he’s not wrong.”)

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