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It All Boyles Down To This

| Learning | February 6, 2014

(I am in Chemistry class. My teacher is giving a lesson on Boyle’s law, and how air volume and pressure are related.)

Teacher: “So, if the volume of the air in the system is decreased, the pressure of the air increases. Like so.”

(She then grabs a potato gun from under her desk and fires it at one of my classmates! He screams and falls back over-dramatically, clutching his chest and gasping for breath. The rest of the class starts laughing. I’m the only one who notices her start to walk out of the room.)

Me: “Miss, where are you going?”

Teacher: “I’m going hunting! The rest of you are welcome to tag along. Just stay quiet.”

(The entire class gets up and starts following her. The rest of the lesson was simply watching her sneak into other classrooms and shooting other teachers with the potato gun!)

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