Isn’t Sole’d On The Conclusion

| Romantic | November 28, 2013

(My girlfriend regularly talks to her coworkers about me and what I do. 75 percent of the time it’s about the good things I do. The rest is about all the bad jokes I constantly make. While we’re out for dinner with friends, the topic of our relationship has come up.)

Girlfriend: “I was talking about you at work.”

Me: “Good things, I hope.”

Girlfriend: “My coworker thinks we’re soul mates.”

Me: *without missing a beat* “But, my feet are bigger.”

(My girlfriend looks at me confused for a moment while one of our friends busts a gut laughing. She catches on quickly and just rolls her eyes.)

Me: “Tell her that one and see if she still thinks we’re soul mates.”

Girlfriend: “Sadly, she probably will.”

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