Isn’t Fine With It

| Learning | February 27, 2015

(I’ve always have extremely fine hair, to the point where I can’t get head lice. I’ve also had it cut to about chin length since I was about 14. This was a regular occurrence in PE lessons.)

Teacher: “[My Name], put your hair up!”

Me: “I can’t, it slips out.”

Teacher: “Nonsense! Get a band!”

(I go into the office, grab an elastic band and do my best to tie up my hair. I end up with a small tuft no thicker than my thumb. The lesson begins and within 5 minutes the band has fallen out, I put it on my wrist and keep going.)

Teacher: “[My Name]! Hair up!”

(I tie my hair up and make sure to stay in the teacher’s line of sight until it falls out again. She doesn’t say anything, but approaches me at the end of the lesson.)

Teacher: “[My Name] I know your hair is short but you have to stop letting it down all the time. It’s a safety hazard. Please have a hairband for next lesson.”

(After about a year of this I got my hair cut ever shorter so it was physically impossible for me to put it up. I still got told to. Every lesson.)

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