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Is This A Thing? I Don’t Think It’s A Thing.

, , , | Working | March 7, 2022

I managed to miss my lunch break as I was helping during a major machine breakdown. I grab my food and sit in the break room. It’s just me and a woman I don’t really know, sitting at opposite ends of the room.

As I’m eating, I grab my phone and start playing a game (on silent). Straight away, she pipes up.

Woman: “I’m actually sensitive to mobile phone radiation. Please don’t use your phone.”

Me: *Pauses* “I’m not actually online, so you should be fine.”

Woman: *Dramatically* “Your phone is giving me a migraine. Can I not just eat without being polluted, please?!”

Me: “Whoa, fine, whatever. I will switch on airplane mode.”

This at least shut her up, but she kept looking over and her agitation was making me feel uncomfortable. I ate quickly and got out of there.

I later got approached with a complaint. I firmly stated that if they wanted to discipline me for using my phone in my personal time, I would get the union involved. The complaint got squashed there and then.

The funny thing is that this woman her lunch later than everyone because “WiFi” and always sits in the same place, directly under the WiFi router.

Of course, phones use WiFi even when you not using them, and everyone around her has their phone in their pockets or bags the entire workday.

I’ve seen her at her desk before and she seems completely unaffected. Funny how seeing a phone several meters away is a massive problem, yet sitting next to one for eight hours is fine!

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