Is That For Here Or To Please Go Away?

, , , | Right | October 24, 2019

(I work in a burger place that also sells other types of meat. We’re better than fast food, but not fancy whatsoever. We get a lot of old people on the weekends, and they aren’t always understanding. So, as a female, I get talked down to a lot. This elderly gentleman with his quiet wife comes in and he walks up the register I’m standing at to order his food. Before I can put his order in for the cooks to start cooking, I need to know if it’s for dine in or to go, so…)

Customer: “Hi, I’ll have the [popular item on our menu].”

Me: *in my customer service voice* “Yeah, of course. Will it be for here or to go?” 

Customer: *gives me a look and laughs condescendingly* “I’ll tell you after I’m done with my order, okay?” 

(He’s ALREADY treating me like I know absolutely nothing about the place I work at.)

Me: *still smiling* “Sorry, sir. But I just need to know so I can put your food in the system properly for our cooks to prepare.” 

Customer: *now angry* “I said I’ll tell you at the end.” 

(He went on to order his and his wife’s whole meal, including a bunch of modifications I couldn’t possibly remember without typing it into the system. When he finally finished, I went, “Great! Will that be for here or to go?” He told me his answer and then, of course, I asked him to repeat the whole order because I couldn’t take any of it down until he told me how to prepare his food. He was very mad, but still repeated his order. They got their food perfectly made and delivered out to them in a short amount of time because sometimes you just have to smile through the angry old people.)

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