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Is “Old” Pensioner Slang For “Rude”?

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Our local coffee shop has an upstairs seating area. I pay for our drinks and food and carry the tray upstairs. I somehow manage to carry everything without spilling a drop. I get almost to the top when a pensioner steps onto the stairs. He is holding both handrails to steady himself and I have no way past.

Me: “Excuse me.”

Pensioner: “Just wait a minute.”

He takes another step toward me, again holding both handrails.

Me: “Can I squeeze past? I have a tray.”

Pensioner: “You are going to have to wait. I’m old. If you can’t tell.”

I look behind me. He is causing a queue of people to form behind me. Eventually, a younger woman rushes up to him; I presume she is his carer.

Woman: “Oh, there you are. Come on, let me help you down.”

She looks at me.

Woman: “Well, move, then!”

Me: “I can’t. No one can. Can he move aside?”

Woman: “He’s old. Can’t you just move?”

The long line of people is getting restless. A member of staff comes over to try and move things along. Finally, this seems to make it dawn on the woman that she actually isn’t in the right, and she moves aside, helping the pensioner to move, too.

I move past them only for her to make a snide remark.

Woman: “Some people have no respect for others.”

I couldn’t agree with her more.

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