Is Equality So Hard To Wrap His Head Around

| Working | January 27, 2013

(Note: I’m a female boxer. I’m hanging out with some of my male friends in a shopping centre. My friends are computer oriented and look like it. We walk past a well-known sport chain.)

Me: “Hey guys, I just need some new wraps for my practice on Saturday. ”

(As soon as I walk into sport store…)

Worker: “Are you lost?”

Me: “No, I need some new wraps.”

(I take some from the shelf and walk to the counter.)

Worker: “Yeah, right. Why don’t you come back with your boyfriend so you don’t get the wrong ones?”

Me: “These are for me. I’ve been getting the same brand for years.”

Worker: “Look, little miss, we don’t take returns, so why don’t you do us all a favour and come back with your boyfriend?”

(I give up and go outside to where my friends are waiting.)

Friend: “Don’t you need those for tomorrow?”

(I explained what happened. One of my friends sighed, went into the store and bought them for me.)

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